Inductance Energy Corporation (IEC) is the worldwide exclusive licensee of Magnetic Propulsion and its many applications in a variety of industries, as well as industrial, commercial and consumer products.

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Generate off-grid, stationary, temporary and mobile power. Emissionless energy. Consistent power 24 hours a day.


Air, water, remote or industrial, Earth Engine horsepower delivers pumping power using NO fossil fuels or electricity.

Power Beyond

IEC is dedicated to the constant evolution and development of magnetism, pushing beyond the limits of today’s technologies.

Innovative adaptations within the applied science of Magnetic Propulsion is not only disruptive, but will forever change the way we generate and deliver electrical energy.

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This Video © Inductance Energy Corporation (IEC) All Rights Reserved

In today’s modern society, finding an opportunity to be a part of the birth of a new industry is few and far between. The discoveries being made in the applied science of Magnetic Propulsion are world changing, and will require a community of individuals working together to deliver power to people, communities, and nations. There are many ways to get involved with Inductance Energy Corporation.

  • IEC has opportunities to invest in many areas of the technology and the company.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to enter into the ZEROGRID industry can sign up to become one of the many regional operators of the Earth Engine.
  • Have a background in engineering? Interested in developing a trade skill? Or are you a driven business professional?
  • IEC is seeking talented individuals with a variety of skills and knowledge to help grow the ZEROGRID industry.