In today’s modern society, finding an opportunity to be a part of the birth of a new industry is few and far between. The discoveries being made in the applied science of Magnetic Propulsion are world changing, and will require a community of individuals working together to deliver power to people, communities, and nations. There are many ways to get involved with Inductance Energy Corporation.

  • IEC has opportunities to invest in many areas of the technology and the company.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to enter into the ZEROGRID industry can sign up to become one of the many regional operators of the Earth Engine.
  • Have a background in engineering? Interested in developing a trade skill? Or are you a driven business professional?
  • IEC is seeking talented individuals with a variety of skills and knowledge to help grow the ZEROGRID industry.

Invest using Accelerated Depreciation

One of the many ways you can get involved with the ZEROGRID industry is to invest in the placement of Earth Engines. Investors in Earth Engine deployments have the ability to take 100% accelerated depreciation in the first year and receive a 10 year annuity based on the electrical power delivered. Contact our IEC business development team to learn more about all the different ways to join the community of ZEROGRID leaders. Call 888-693-3414 or email our team at

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Become a Regional Operator

IEC is seeking individuals or groups interested in deploying and managing ZEROGRID operations around the world. Regional operators will have the ability to manufacture, distribute, and sell power from the IEC Earth Engine. IEC is actively seeking entrepreneurs with the capacity to open and operate geographic, and industry specific regions. Impacting the global economy, regional operators are the key to the successful disruption of the energy industry. If you are interested in learning the qualifications required to become an IEC Regional Operator, call our business development team at 888-693-3414, or email them at

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Strategic Investment Partners

ZEROGRID powered by the Earth Engine crosses over many industries, communities and power demands. The task of deploying ZEROGRID throughout the global economy is immense. The success of ZEROGRID comes from the community of strategic investment partners that have been assembled, and will continue to be added to the ever growing IEC team. IEC team looks at strategic partnerships that bring additional value, far more than the capital they can bring to the organization. Partners that have deep industry relationships, loyal customer base, trade skill knowledge, and other benefits that help grow, manufacture, and distribute IEC products across the world’s economy. To contact our investment team call 888-693-3414 or email

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Invest in IEC

Today’s modern society gold rush comes in the form of magnetic propulsion. Investment opportunities are still available in the birth of this disruptive technology. You now have the ability to invest in Inductance Energy Corporation on many levels

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Regional Operators

IEC is seeking qualified operators to deploy Earth Engines throughout the global economy. Regional businesses will be stand-alone operations that license the rights to manufacture and sell IEC technologies. Contact IEC to see if you qualify for a regional business opportunity

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Technology Licensing

Recognizing that IEC owns and develops technologies that will revolutionize the world but employs a limited research and development team, opportunities for other companies to license certain technologies in pursuit of new products and services will be considered. These will likely be offered with a license or royalty fee agreement

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Invest in Earth Engine

Earth Engines will be placed into long term agreements and commitments, presenting a contracted, predictable recurring revenue stream to high net worth individuals, capital investment groups, institutional investors, etc. With a 2018 tax depreciation that allows for 100% accelerated depreciation, investors pursuing depreciation write-offs can invest in Earth Engine technology in exchange for depreciation and a share in future revenues, resulting in a very healthy internal rate of return. Single or multiple engines deployed and in service with customers can also be packaged into annuity offerings with similar benefits to investors

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Media & Event Requests

The advanced nature of IEC Earth Engine technology drives immense amount of interest for viewing of the technology. IEC has Mobile Display Laboratories that feature functioning Earth Engines for demonstrations and educational opportunities. If you are a media outlet, educational facility or promoting a technology event and would like to have an IEC Mobile Display Laboratory featured; please contact IEC media team for details

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Employment Opportunities

The birth of a new technology brings exciting opportunities. IEC is looking for the best of the best in science, engineering, manufacturing, management, accounting, sales and marketing. Contact IEC for more details.

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