A Community that is Greater than the sum of its Parts

Success of any business comes from the team of people that are unified under one mission. Pooling the knowledge, experience and effort as a fortified force. IEC exceptional leadership is building a community of team members that strive every day for greatness. Working each day to be better than the next. Pushing the limits of applied science of magnetic propulsion. IEC is searching for the brightest minds, creative thinkers, and focused professionals to join our expanding community.

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Advancements in New Technology

IEC is at the forefront of developing technologies. Being a leader in the applied science of Magnetic Propulsion, IEC has a vast array of opportunities from entry level, to senior engineers. Young minds mixed with seasoned veterans produce an environment that allows for the limits of traditional science and engineering to be removed and many new discoveries to be made. IEC continues to seek out additions to their community of professionals. Click the LINK below to browse the many positions available within IEC and our affiliate Companies.

Trade Craft

In a world full of technology jobs, IEC balances the science and engineering side of the business with traditional skilled labor. All Earth Engines are manufactured in the United States of America. Machining, fabricating, and assembling of Earth Engine components provide many skilled labor positions. To help develop talented team members, IEC has built a National Training Facility located in Scottsdale, AZ. Here potential candidates can take three week courses on the variety of skilled labor department’s available throughout the IEC network of businesses.

   Our Team

teams Chief Executive Officer

William Hinz

Retired as president and CEO of Allied Signal Aerospace. Managing nearly 45 billion in annual revenues, and tens of thousands of employees.

Additional post retirement board and executive positions at Vodavi (CEO), McDonnel Douglas Helicopter (CEO) Northwest Airlines (COO). As well Mr. Hinz has served on the board of Arizona State University.

Mr. Hinz has ran business operations in Europe, the Far East, and throughout the Americas during his more than 50 year career in aerospace and technology.

Richard Ethington Chief Financial Officer

Richard Ethington

Richard Ethington is a seasoned accounting professional with on hands operational experience in manufacturing, data centers, as well as research and development.

Richard's financial experience spans the world as well with deep experience in the Middle East and Europe.

teams Investor Relations/Business Development

Douglas C. Bean

Doug Bean's business experience with investors and technology introduction spans more than 25 years. Mr. Bean has supervised the building of the IEC operator base and assembled initial operator transactions in five U.S. States and Canada totaling over$ 600 million dollars.

Mr. Bean is widely traveled, as well as foreign work assignments in Europe and the Far East. Doug is fluent in Japanese.

Dennis M. Danzik Engineering/Science Division

Dennis M. Danzik

Dennis Danzik's 33 year career as an engineering professional in the U.S. and 14 foreign countries includes vetting and economic target development for well over 500 products in the U.S. A., Australia, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom, Israel, Egypt, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Philippines, Japan, Canada, Mexico and others.

Mr. Danzik works under contract on an exclusive basis within the science of Magnetic Propulsion, and works in product development and as an advisor to the executive team and board of directors.

Mr. Danzik holds degrees in industrial engineering and mathematics. Dennis completed his graduate work in product development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School (2009). Mr. Danzik completed a fellowship in engineering at the University of Exeter in 1998 . He holds status as a registered member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, ASTM, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and holds patents in six fields of polymer processing and material science.

Mr. Danzik is currently a student of Physiology and Radiology (magnetic resonance) at the Harvard Medical School.

Vince Meli Director of Engineering & Automation

Vince Meli

Mr. Meli is a 32 year practicing multi-disciplined engineer with a concentration in machine automation and machine language programming. Vince has managed hundreds of engineering projects in the USA and foreign countries

Ronald Ellis Director of Operations and Training

Ronald Ellis

Ron manages all IEC industrial design and machine operations, including production. Ron is a professional industrial designer and master machinist with over 25 years of continuous experience in fabrication, high tolerance machine work, military, industrial, hydraulic, electrical and a variety of unique mechanical designs and actual construction. Ron is a Solid works professional, with experience in AutoCAD and machine programming.

Robert Storino Director of Machine Operations

Robert Storino

Bob developed his skill as a master machinist in Pittsburgh and moved to Arizona over 20 years ago. Bob is also a skilled machine programmer in a variety of machine languages. Bob's experience includes fabrication, close tolerance, assemblies, sub-assemblies, military, industrial, consumer, and prototyping

Anthony Wallenburg Director of Industrial Design

Anthony Wallenburg

Tony is well known as one of Arizona's superstars in industrial design and his experience spans over two decades in defense, consumer, industrial, and every assembly discipline connected to those industries, as well as hundreds of market segments in tens of thousands of parts and assembly designs. Mr. Wallenburg will head IEC’s industrial design training and instruction divisions.

teams Director of Special Projects

Dustin Hamby

Mr. Hamby was voted one of Arizona's “Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35” at the age of 27. Specializing in marketing and brand development, Mr. Hamby brings over 18 years of business start-up experience across a multitude of industries - Most notably within the renewable energy sector and waste water industry.