First Reactions


Watching some of the demonstrations, the magnet thing, how much pressure is on it and I know magnetic energy is energy. One of those things could basically (power) a whole city block.

This is beyond comprehension. The people who today that are living in dust huts will have lights, power, toiletries. I mean WOW I am amazed.

I am not a big investor on things you know speculative, you know, high risk. I don’t believe this is a high risk venture. This is like a sure thing. I know there is no such thing as a sure thing. But economically if you can heat my house, run my refrigerator, my stove, and everything for quite frankly less than a quarter of the cost. Where can I spend that other money. Where are these people who have no electricity, no plumbing. I mean I live close to an Indian Reservation, we actually have a couple that are close. One’s a smaller one, one is a whole county call the Monominy Indian Reservation. Poverty rate, unemployment rate is through the roof. I remember as a kid they would buy washers and dryers, but would have no electricity. It hard to put into words what this would mean to them.

It’s even worse out west……I think the Navajo have over 15,000 homes with no electricity. How is their life going to quadruple because now they can plug in.

To me, (laughs) It’s like Christmas everyday because I have never seen anything, and this kind of always kind of, I dream since I read Atlas Shrugged. This is it. This could change the world.

testimonial Mark Grams Northern Wisconsin Watch Video

I love the concept. I realize that we are transforming as a nation from a centralized energy production, centralized grid. To a decentralized. Which means that the whole energy grid needs to move to a micro-grid. So when I saw this solution yesterday, I thought, “oh man” this is going to have a big part in this transformation as a nation to a mico-gird based electric infrastructure.

I’m not sure why someone else has not thought of it. But boy, it’s pretty impressive.

So let’s just take remote communities that maybe, or have to transport diesel hundreds of miles, and sometimes in the winter time, not even easily get it there. Now you, at a minimum drastically reduce that need with this kind of solution.

testimonial Mike McRoberts Angel Investor – Kansas City Watch Video

The applications are limitless. The applications are as far as you can imagine. Because, basically you are talking about power, and power drives the world.

Like we talk about Africa, or places where they do not have an infrastructure currently at all. What better, than something like this rather than building transportation for oil, or liquid natural gas. Where as you don’t need any of the raw materials. So it’s incredible, it’s limitless.

Mike McRoberts John Hill Swedesboro, NJ Watch Video

This is evidence that whatever the human mind can imagine, eventually the human mind will create. I just, it was thrilling to see this today

I can see the application world-wide, kind of wondering if everyone can possible have their own independent energy resource, we will have a whole lot less things to fight about.

Robyn Miller Robyn Miller Billings, MT Watch Video

I was amazed. Of course I love Atlas Shrugged. I just, I feel so impressed. The genius of human mind can come up with these things.
Not just generate electricity, I think more than that changing the way people think. That’s what I see.
This will change the way they think.

testimonial Li Schoolland Waipahu, HI Watch Video

How much energy it is putting out, for how much little energy going in, almost unbelievable. But its there. The gauges are there, your watching it, magnificent, incredible.
Anywhere modern coal, nuclear, solar, wind, natural gas, all of that, this can replace all of that.
Sky’s the limit. Awesome.

testimonial Jay Beatle Shelter Island Alaska

This is the best thing that was presented here at Freedom Fest. It is taking something that as been apart of properties of earth itself, properties of the universe, but putting it into action of a motor. This is the ability to use magnetism, in it’s science, of creating torque. The science behind that is superb.
When you see what is being done. Then you can see how this is scalable on a lot of different levels.
When you see it in action, that should just blow you away.

testimonial Andrew Kuniyuki Dean, Nevada State College Watch Video