Monopolized energy was created as the United States was fighting to get out of the Great Depression. These standards are still effecting Americans today. Freedom to choose where you access your energy for your home or business is only available in select areas of the Country. In areas like Nevada, you must purchase your power from one source, and if they don’t have transmission lines in your area, you are forced to purchase your own generating equipment that is very expensive, and unreliable. Now there is another way. ZEROGRID powered by the IEC Earth Engine emPOWERs people, communities, and nations to live in a World without the traditional wires we have come to understand. ZEROGRID allows you to produce reliable, consistent power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year where you consume it. No longer do individuals need large battery storage systems to run their homes when there is no sun or wind. No longer do communities have to be situated near electrical transmission lines. No longer do First Nations have to have large expensive centralized power infrastructures. ZEROGRID is the emPOWERment of people, communities, and nations. ZEROGRID is the solution to the fatiguing, overloaded, and in some Countries, non-existent utility infrastructure. ZEROGRID is a community movement that gives back the freedom of choice in electrical energy. ZEROGRID is powered by the Earth Engine.

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