Powering humanity using Magnetic Propulsion, the world’s most efficient energy source

Earth Engine is the world’s first and only power source propelled by Asymmetrical Magnetic Propulsion. It can generate electricity, operate liquid pumps, air compressors, and other mechanical devices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is fully independent of the power grid and offers significant cost savings over other technologies. Earth Engine creates constant, reliable, and renewable energy.

Earth Engine is in production

Currently, IE has developed, manufactured, and is installing 7.5 to 25-kilowatt engines, capable of driving up to 4,000 pounds of inertia power and delivering in excess of 25 kilowatts.

Earth Engine is changing the world

Earth Engine is the solution to the fatiguing, overloaded, and in some countries, non-existent utility infrastructure.

How is this possible?

Earth Engine operates on the same principle as the ‘Slingshot Effect’ space travel phenomenon, which enables a spacecraft to increase velocity via a gravitational assist.

In 2009, Dennis Danzik, an industrial engineer, scientist, and graduate of the MIT product development program, postulated that the same effect might be replicated on a smaller scale using magnets containing rare earth.

The problem Danzik faced was that a magnet’s ‘push’ is always equal to its ‘pull.’ But in the summer of 2012, Danzik succeeded in altering the ‘polarity’ of a magnet. He made one pole stronger than the other, inventing an Asymmetrical Magnet array, and the applied science of Magnetic Propulsion was born.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much energy does it produce?

Earth Engine is capable of producing 25+Kw of mechanical energy. This energy can be used to generate electricity, operating pumps, compressors, and other mechanical devices.

How does this compare to other energy sources?

Earth Engine is the only known power source propelled by Asymmetrical Magnetic Propulsion, producing energy that can be applied to generating electricity, and operating pumps, compressors, and other mechanical devices. With its massive list of features that set it above the competition. Earth Engine does not consume any fossil fuels, it does not run on the sun, the wind, hydro, bio-fuels, or radioactive fuel sources. It can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year creating constant energy unlike renewable technologies such as solar and wind. It is not reliant on a reaction, or burning of fuel source.

How can I invest in Inductance Energy, or sell the Earth Engine technology?

Individuals, corporations, and municipalities can invest or participate with IE Earth Engine technology and ZEROGRID strategies in a multitude of ways. Visit our Get Involved page for further details.

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